Georan is a leather and fur garments company in the PRC, located in Haining town, southeast of Zhejiang province, which is a center of leather factories. It is only an hour’s drive from Shanghai, half an hour’s drive from HangZhou.


Established in 1994, we have introduced a complete set of machines and there are professional designers and well trained workers working on various kinds of fur products such as leather bags,wallets,belts,gloves, leather&fur coats, jackets, fur garments and many kinds of fur accessories by using the top quality fur skin such as sheep, mink,  raccoon, fox, rabbit, Tibet lamb, etc .


Based on the manufacturing experience and advantage of technology, the factory becomes an international reputable OEM and the products are sold to the world's leading companies located in the US, Europe and Australia, including trendy specialty retailers, leather specialty stores, career women specialty stores, prominent designers and well-known chain and department stores. We enjoy and maintain close working relationships with 20 of the world's leading brands to ensure that their exacting quality standards are adhered to, from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.


Our customers can be confident that the utmost importance is placed upon quality at every stage of the production process. All of our items are made of 100% real fur. Please note that these animals are grown in farms, and are not wild animals. We place the strictest selection criteria upon the leather we use and its quality is thoroughly checked in our testing laboratory. The hardware we produce also meets the highest technical standards. Prior to shipping, each of our products undergoes a visual check and a functionality test.


We can also customize items according to your designs if you place a big order.
We're proud of the relationships we enjoy with our customers when helping them bring their designs to life. After receiving a client's initial design, we will consult with them, offering practical advice on how we will realize their ideas functionally, aesthetically and economically. We also exchange a lot of information on the marketability of a product. As you would expect, we go to great lengths to make sure that the hardware we make matches our customers' specifications.


We will strive to provide better service through high quality materials , skillful manufacture and attractive design. Moreover, we will make our efforts to offer our products at affordable prices .